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The History of the Domain Sex.com

“The history of this controversial domain name is interesting”

Everyone loves a good internet scandal, especially when the stakes of that scandal involve all of the best elements of a made for television drama. Criminals fleeing the country before being caught and imprisoned, money, and sex are all front and center throughout the history of the domain sex.com. Because of these factors, it’s no surprise that the sex.com legal battle is one of the most famous domain names cases of all time. It’s also no surprise that this three ring circus of a court battle was capitalized on with the writing of the book, “Sex.com,” which was published in 2007. For every good scandal, there is at least one book that comes on its heels to satiate the imaginations of the curious public with insider details. Americans love sex. We don’t just like to have sex, we like to watch other people having sex, we like to read about it, and we enjoy talking about it. In fact, we’re pretty much obsessed with anything and everything that even hints at our favorite pastime, so it stands to reason that this simply named domain would become the most coveted address on the internet.

What’s the Big Deal About Sex.com?

“The battle for the ownership of this domain continued for 5 years”

Let’s be blunt. Everyone knows that sex sells. If the world was ending, and people knew that they could either get a supply of food and water to sustain them for a few more months, or they could spend the same amount of money to have sex one last time before dying of thirst and hunger, a whole lot of people would opt for the sex. The big deal is simply that sex.com is a porn site, and porn is a multibillion dollar industry. The domain name is so simple and straightforward (more about it sex) that it’s a foolproof way to discover that it is easy to find. Gary Kremen, match.com founder and long time CEO knew this when sex.com was first registered by him with Network Solutions in 1995, but he sat on it without taking steps to develop it for quite some time. This wasn’t a good move. That same year, Stephen M. Cohen illegally got Network Solutions to turn ownership of sex.com over to him, effectively making off with a virtual goldmine. By the time he got caught, he had already made a fortune.

Cohen Moved Quickly

Unlike Kremen, Cohen knew how to hustle. He got the site up and running quickly, and through revenue from ads and click-throughs, he began to generate anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 a month. Understandably, the sites rightful owner, Kremen, wasn’t about to take this sort of loss lying down, and thus began a legal battle that would last for five years. Kremen finally won the case in 2000, and regained control of the domain, but never managed to get a penny of the 40 million bucks the court had ordered Cohen to pay him for lost income. Instead of ponying up the money, Cohen took off to Mexico until he was eventually caught and returned to the states, but even then, he somehow managed to hide assets and claim poverty.

Sex.com Saw a Series of Owners

“The founder of this Domain – Gary Kremen”

The sale of sex.com to Escom LLC in January 2006 for a reported fourteen million dollars was reportedly the highest priced domain sale of all time at the time. It didn’t stay with Escom for long, though. Six years later it was sold during a foreclosure auction. At that auction, it was sold to Clover Holdings for eleven and a half million. Clover Holdings still owns sex.com, and re-launched it in 2012 after giving it a makeover to market it as the Pinterest of porn. While Gary Kremen never saw his full return on the site, at least he has the satisfaction of knowing that Cohen didn’t get to keep it. It will be interesting to see what the future of sex.com holds. Will it remain with Clover Holdings, or will they cash out in a major way by selling the domain once again?

Does Sex.com Have Anything On the Best Affair Sites?

While the new Pinterest of porn holds a definite appeal, could it ever really come close to offering what the best affair sites provide for members? If you’re going to spend time and money on sex related websites, Learn more here , what will give you the most satisfaction for your money? Trust me, I’m not dissing porn, it serves a great purpose. But the very best affair sites can make your porn fantasies come to life. You no longer have to sit alone in front of a computer screen imagining you are having an affair, because it has never been easier to access thousands of beautiful, horny women who actually want to hook up with married men. I like porn as much as the next guy, but I’ll take sex with a hot woman over watching another guy get off with hot women in a video any day. I’ll let other guys pay for porn on sex.com. I’m glad they’re hanging out there, because it means less competition for me on the web’s best affair sites!

Preparing Yourself Mentally and Physically for Rimming and Anal Play

“Don’t get shocked if she expresses her desire to peg you”

If you are not familiar with rimming or anal play being performed on you, it can be an extremely overwhelming experience. Even if you have performed these things on her, it is not quite the same experience when having it done to you. For some of us, these things require that we take some time to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the experience to decrease our chances of something awful happening. As open-minded as you may be, you may find that you are not as excited as you once thought you were when it is your turn to be the receiver rather than the giver. However, both rimming and anal play can be very pleasurably if you are properly prepared for it.

Preparing for Rimming

“Men definitely enjoy this kink”

When your lady decides that she wants to experiment with rimming on you, there are probably hundreds of things running through your head. You may be wondering if she will like it or if you have properly cleaned yourself to avoid any awful experiences for her.

Regardless of what is running through you head, the first thing you need to do when you are trying to prepare yourself to be rimmed is to calm down. Dwelling on it is not going to do you any good. Instead, you should think about how it is when you do it to her. If you have never done it to her before, you can watch porn to get a good concept of what to expect. You do want to keep in mind, though, that porn stars are actors and they make be making it seem like they enjoy it a lot more than they really do.

You can also try using the best kinky dating sites to see if there is anything such as forums or chat options that allow you to communicate with other people who know more about rimming than you do. Ask them about different websites and porn sites that they may have reviewed to give you some good information for your research. You can also check the ratings of the site at guidekinky.com. Read the reviews to make sure that the site is legit.

As for preparing yourself physically, it is not too difficult. Just take a bath or shower and wash up as you normally would. You do not have to go about shaving or waxing or doing anything like that, but if you prefer to, go right ahead. You can also try asking her if there is anything you want her to do if this is something that the two of you are planning in advance. It may seem sort of awkward to have this type of discussion with her, but it won’t kill you to ask, especially if you both are going to end up benefiting from it.

When the time comes for her to start rimming you, try to relax. It may feel strange at first, but generally it feels pretty great. You can tell her how good it feels while she is doing it. Like everything else, different people experience it in different ways. You may be the type of guy who is incredibly sensitive. Be careful of pulling her hair too hard unless she is into that. If you found her on one of the best kinky dating sites, she very well may be.

If you have properly reviewed as many websites as possible, you will at least have a general idea of what to expect when she is rimming you. Lie back and enjoy. If you find that she does not enjoy it very much, try not to take offense to it. It just may not be her thing. Also, you may also find that when she is rimming you, it does nothing for you. That is quite a natural response. For some people, the act of rimming is more pleasurable than being rimmed itself. You could be one of these guys.

Preparing for Anal Play

“Relax and let her lead”

Anal play can involve just about anything. Your lady may want to use toys such as dildos and vibrators on you, or she may want to experiment with pegging. She may even want to try something as simple as sliding her finger inside of you or a butt plug. If you have never experienced anything going inside of you, it can be quite a challenge. Honestly, anal play is more difficult to deal with than rimming. It requires you to be relaxed and we will admit that it is kind of difficult to relax when something is being forced inside of you.

However, anal play is not an awful experience and it can feel downright great if you are comfortable and well prepared. Just like with rimming, it would help if you have already bathed. You also want to make sure that any toys your lady is using are completely covered in lube, minus the section that she will be holding onto. You may want to search some of the best kinky dating sites for resources for preparing yourself for anal play, but one of the best things you can do is to make sure you are calm and have control over your breathing.

“In the end, you will have a satisfied experience”

Some people will tell you anything, but you are going to have to fight back the urge to clench up when she starts inserting whatever she plans on using inside you. When you are tense, your body clenches and it makes the experience more painful than it needs to be. Anal play is not painful. However, it can be awkward and a little bit uncomfortable at first. If you feel yourself tensing up, tell her to hold on a take a few deep breaths. For some guys, they prefer to have the entire thing just thrust into them in one swoop. This is for the braver men out there. If you think you can handle that, then by all means go for it, but it is no easy feat.

If you really want to experience it all as a whole, see if your lady will try rimming and then follow up with anal play. This can help to relax you a little bit more than doing them on separate occasions. Take some time to talk things over with her and see what the two of you come up with. There are many different combinations that the two of you should be able to come up with. Do not hesitate to throw out different types of suggestions. This is something that the two of you should do together.

No matter how you go about deciding to let your lady experiment with rimming and anal play on you, it always requires that you have an open mind. The two of you may run into some odd experiences, but it should be taken all in stride. The most important part is that the both of you communicate about what you like and do not like. If you find that you do not care for rimming, let her know. She may be disappointed, but she will respect you for letting her know. Do not force yourself to endure any kink and certainly do not beg her to perform something on you that she admits that she does not like doing. There are plenty of things that the two of you can do if you both find that you do not care for rimming.

Knowing The Right Time To Hire Additional Staff

Small and large company both have the necessity to hire employees to add to their workforce. However, knowing the right time to add new staff can be quite a challenge. Paying new employees and not having enough work for them in the office can be financially disastrous. But, you need to have adequate number of worker to be able to meet deadlines. So, when is the right time to hire new staff to help meet the company’s goal? There are several ways to determine whether your company is adequately staffed.

Hire a new employee to lessen your burden of work

If you do not have enough hours to finish all the work for the day and you sacrificed your time for your family to work in the office at night and on the weekends, then it might be the right moment to bring in a new employee. It’s pretty normal to stay devoted and committed to your job; however it should never ever take over your whole life. You need time to relax and go on a vacation once in a while.

Everything starts to fall through cracks

One indication that the company is understaffed is when you have more job projects than you can fulfill. When you become overloaded with work that you already miss meeting deadlines, then it’s time to consider hiring new staff. But, if you will not address the problem of lack of people in the company, your clients will lose their confidence in

The tension may lie partly in changes in the world of work

The tension may lie partly in changes in the world of work

you because of your poor performance and inferior quality of service.

Employees feel overworked and underpaid

When your employees do their job more than the minimum hours of work in a day, they will start to complain especially if they feel underpaid. They will make excuses to go off work or they will leave the company and look for a better job. Be a good employer and release the burden of your staff by hiring new workers.

Thing are becoming unorganized

One obvious sign that you are in need of additional staff is when things are becoming extremely disorganized. All the receipts are piling up, all the documents are stacked in your desk top, and you have a long list of clients to call. Hire new employees to compile and organize your paperwork.

Sometimes motivating an employee is as simple as giving him authority.

Sometimes motivating an employee is as simple as giving him authority.

Getting new staff to work for the company may bring great benefits to the company’s growth; on the other hand, it also presents potential risk to the business. Knowing the right time to hire employees is important since bringing new people may lead to either adequate staffing or overstaffing. Hire new people when you really feel that the company needs extra pair of hands. Remember, running a lean workforce is like running a vehicle with minimum amount of gasoline.

Pay Down Debt or Invest: Which One Is Right for You?

It’s always nice to have extra cash, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t end up with more dilemmas when you have extra money. People usually can’t decide whether they should use the money to pay down debt or invest it. Paying down debts may leave you with insufficient money for your retirement. Being too aggressive in investing it may also be very risky and you can lose everything you have. Before you even decide on which course to take, it’s best to follow these steps.

  1. Create a spending plan

Don’t think about investing without creating your budget. Make sure that you really have extra money. Allocate funds to make debts current. It’s not good to be late on your payments as it will damage your credit. You will also be incurring penalties that may be even more than what you can get from investments.

  1. Put money on an emergency fund

You can’t predict the future, so it’s best to be ready. You may lose your job any moment or someone in the family may have a medical emergency. Before you even pay down your debts or invest your extra money, make sure that you already have an emergency fund. Experts recommend that you save at the very least the amount of money you need to get by 3 months. Put this money in a safe account that you can access anytime.

When you are struggling to pay off your unpaid bills, you should hire a bill consolidation company.

When you are struggling to pay off your unpaid bills, you should hire a bill consolidation company.

  1. Compare an investment opportunity to your debt’s interest rates

When you check out an investment opportunity, find out how much you can get from it. Compare the rate to your debt’s interest rates. Go for one that actually gives you more in the end. Also, if you don’t have to borrow additional money for you to make the investment, make sure to pay down your debts first before making the investment.

  1. Take note of tax implications

If you’re not a tax expert, let someone else help you. Remember that taxes can be pretty hard to understand and they can easily complicate things. What you need to know is the amount you’re going to pay on your debt and the amount you’re going to earn from your investments. Investments are typically taxable while debts can be tax-deductible. So don’t just look at the interest rate or the return because they’re not the amount you’re actually paying or earning.

Better skills equal better pay.

Better skills equal better pay.

  1. Don’t mess up

That’s probably the best advice you can get. If you mess up, you’ll have to suffer the consequences. So before you decide, be sure to check your options carefully. It’s best to pay down debts that have high interest rates, especially those that have higher rates than what you’re getting from investments. Also, go for investments that give you more than the interest on your debts.

It isn’t easy to make decisions that involve money. So think about it numerous times. If you’re married, talk to your spouse about it. And never forget to have a backup plan in case things don’t go your way.

Facts About Organic and Non-Organic: Are They Beneficial?

Research shows that organic products are still popular on the market. Since it has been known that it was grown naturally without harmful chemicals, while non-organic are more on preservatives and chemicals that could be harmful and hazardous to our health.

Though, organic products cost higher than non organic. Organic products are being carefully produced and process by farmers. While non-organic are produced with help of technology and science. The following are the difference between organic and non- organic:


Organic – it uses all natural fertilizers like manure or compost.

Non-Organic – uses chemical fertilizer to help plant grow.


Organic – it was sprayed by all natural resources and it is beneficial for the environment.

Non-Organic – it uses synthetic insecticides to kill pests and disease.

There appears to be more negative potential on the active microbial population than we thought

There appears to be more negative potential on the active microbial population than we thought


Organic – uses compounds that generate environmentally, and could eliminate weeds.

Non-Organic – uses synthetic herbicides.


Organic – animals are being feed with organic food and have access to a good environment.

Non-Organic – animals are being maintained by growth hormones and antibiotics.

Organic and Non-Organic are being labeled and can easily be identified in the market. Proper certifications are being done to provide education and good quality to the consumers.

If food is labeled with USDA Organic, which means it has been processed according to standards. Fruits, vegetables, eggs are just few of the organic products.

Nutritional Facts

When talking about nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. There are really no specific requirements. There was speculations that organic are more nutritious than non-organic because of the way they we’re produced.


There are two advantages on purchasing organic vegetables and poultry:

  1. When you purchase organic products, you are supporting farmers who practice farming techniques. Which will be an environmental friendly and harmless to the poultry animals.

  2. It is a harmful chemical free produced product. Means it is all made natural resources.

Cost Friendly

If you prefer less cost vegetable then you could choose frozen products, it will save you a lot and can get most of nutritious vegetables.

If you want to get full nutritious vegetables, you need to spend a little more.

Organic Meat

This is one of the most expensive products that you could find. Organic beef cost twice as much as non-organic. Though, there was no evidence that organic meats are better than non-organic when it comes to nutritional value.

Using single cuts of beef reduces the risk of contamination by e. coli and other dangerous bacteria.

Using single cuts of beef reduces the risk of contamination by e. coli and other dangerous bacteria.

Industrial farms produce a lot of waste like manure and contaminated water. If it is not been properly disposed this can be a threat to the environment. While organic farm waste are being recycled or reuse as a fertilizer.

Over all, organic food is slightly almost equally nutritional than non-organic. There would be a difference on how they we’re produced. But at the end it is still the consumer’s choice on which products they will be using.

Going on A Date with Your Spouse Can Help Your Relationship Grow

 When lovers are still young, they usually go on date with their partners almost every day. The purpose of the date is just to get to know more about each other and talk about plans in the future. As they grow older, have their own jobs, live together with their children, they seem to forget about dating. Some may claim that they do not forget about dating, they just cannot find the luxury of time doing unproductive things.

For couples who have this mentality of ignoring dates with their partner, the relationship may be in trouble. All people should know especially those who have partners and families with hectic schedules in their daily routine that dating is never a waste of time and money. Spending quality time with your loved ones is one of the most effective ways to relieve stress and resolve any conflicts.

Why Dating is Important

Going on a date is not just for young lovebirds but also for all ages. Even the oldest ones can enjoy the dating. One should not forget that dating is the perfect time to talk over some unresolved issues in your home. Dating your spouse is the best way in order to keep your romance alive. Remember that your family, your wife/husband along with your children is the best foundation of your humanity, once you cannot keep that foundation strong and healthy, then you are also putting your life to risk.

Light some candles, open a bottle of wine and enjoy a meal with your spouse al fresco.

Light some candles, open a bottle of wine and enjoy a meal with your spouse al fresco.

Sweet talks and laughter are the best rewards you can get in going on a date with your partner. You can have enough time to talk about your own problems, share it to your spouse so that you could find someone to rely on. Thinking about nothing but just between you too is an essential thing that all couples should learn to practice. This is indeed a very healthy way to make your relationship strong and unbreakable.

Why Married People Do Not Go On Dating Anymore

1) They think that they are done dating, they are now focusing on what matters most, and that is the job and their children.

2) Going on a date is just a waste of time because they can do a lot more productive things than just goofing around and waste of money when they can buy valuable things that eating outside.

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.

3) They already have their children and dates are not for married people.

You can never blame these people to think this way since when they got married, they have changed their priorities. There is nothing wrong in putting more importance on spending time doing productive things and saving money.

Children should always be the top priority. However, in order to do something just for you too is also essential to keep the balance of your lives. Even just 30 minutes in every one month can have long lasting effects for the betterment of your relationship.

Smart Watches – The Things to Know About Them

The smartphone is currently the best technological innovation of the decade. However, that does not stop innovators from creating something that they think will be another hit. And this time the innovation is going after watches.

The smart watch is the latest device to hit the tech scene. As the name implies, this is not your ordinary wristwatch. It is one that has a full fledged operating system that can do computing stuffs similar to the ones made by smartphones. However, there are a lot of signs that the ongoing hype on this device is not going to last long enough to reach the level given to smartphones.

This is due to the fact that there is currently a big hurdle on what to put in smart watches that will make them different from smartphones. Right now, there is no smart watch that offers anything that any smartphone can do, except for the fact that it is smaller and you wear it around your wrist.


The challenge now is to have something that will make the smart watch more than just a micro smartphone. Attempts to do this made most of the smart watch capable of connecting to smartphones and get the updates that are normally received by the calling device. This is even more problematic since there are thousands of apps available for mobile devices today which can give any possible feature for a smart watch to a smartphone and tablet.

There may be a chance for the smart watch as a trendy gadget if it is aimed to compete with the smartphone when it comes to practical functions. The watch will be lighter compared to any smartphone which makes it more convenient in the hands. However, developers of the product must focus on functions that are ideal for one hand usage. Other than keeping time and an alarm system, default functions should include the calculator, calendar, workout performance monitoring system and GPS.  

Another issue with smart watches is the battery life. Typical watches have battery life that last for years. But when you make a watch do more that just monitor time, it will consume more power depleting the battery faster. The current solution is making the battery rechargeable. But if you already have a smartphone, you will have to be charging 2 devices instead of one. So it raises the question of why should we spend time on 2 devices when one is enough?

Smartwatches might not replace smartphones anytime soon

Smartwatches might not replace smartphones anytime soon

So far, I do not see any long future prospects for the smart watch other than being technological fashionable. But it does not mean that the potential for this new device is already determined. Developments on the smart watch in the future could really make it a new dominant product among the tech-savvy generation.